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Crossfit classes are run seven days a week.  Before attending your first class you'll complete an induction session in which we will show you around the gym, explain the key fundamental movements used in our classes and have you go through a mini workout.  The reason for this is to make sure that all of our members have a base level of knowledge before attending their first class.

After completing your induction, you can then join in your first CrossFit class.  Each class is led by one of our coaches and starts with a warm-up to get your mind and body ready for work. Next comes a skill/speed or strength session where you work on a particular lift or gymnastic movement to improve your strength and technique. 

Then the real fun begins with the Workout of the Day (WOD) itself. These are intense workouts, lasting between 10 and 40 minutes, all designed to improve your strength, cardio vascular fitness and endurance. 

Encouraged by the coaches and the rest of the group, you will learn to push yourself. It's hard work but hard work gets results and every workout can be adapted and scaled in order for you to maximise your potential in every session. Remember, the only competition is with yourself and the goal is to be fitter than you were yesterday. Don't forget that everyone will progress at different stages and levels depending on their background and ability.

We take elements of gymnastics, Olympic weightlifting, compound strength movements, plus traditional cardio activities such as running, rowing, and skipping, and blend them into workouts. The only constant is that every day the duration, exercises, format and how heavy the weights are vary so your body gets used to the demand to adapt. 



Feel like this is the new challenge you have been looking for?  If so then enquire about an induction here or find us on Facebook